Your Family Dentist


Our first priority is to listen and understand your needs and desires with regard to your family’s oral health and well being. A customized plan is developed and we will then educate you and your family about the various treatment options that will help us individualize treatment and ensure the most effective care. We use advanced imaging and computerized treatment planning techniques to make you a partner in your family’s care.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Your Family

Family enjoying - Family Dental Practice - Northern Westchester Dental Care

A thorough diagnosis and treatment plan will ensure success. We use digital x-rays, visual examination, digital cameras, models, comprehensive periodontal exams, oral cancer screenings, and esthetic evaluations to develop the proper diagnosis and treatment plans. Our Dentrix Dental Software clearly explains various treatment options. Our doctors strive to educate you and make you an active participant in the process. Our digital x-rays delivers significantly less radiation to patients than conventional x-rays and are part of our environmentally friendly facility. The office uses less chemicals, less paper and is always evaluating and implementing new ways to help the environment.

Family Dental Cleaning

Dental health begins with healthy gums and underlying bone structure. We customize treatment to ensure your specific periodontal (gums and bone) needs are met. Our highly trained hygienists provide the best treatment while making sure you and your family are comfortable.


The latest dental materials and techniques allow for beautiful, long-lasting fillings. Northern Westchester Dental Care uses composite and porcelain to restore teeth to their natural color and strength.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Family

Please call or email the practice for an appointment to discuss x-rays, cleanings, diagnostic and treatment plans, fillings, and general consultations for you and your family. The doctors will review your individual needs and explain all of your treatment options.

You can also fill out the form below to schedule an appointment.

Flexible Payment Options

The Northern Westchester Dental Care Team will discuss the cost of care and payment options.

We work with major dental insurance plans, offer 0% financing with CareCredit, accept checks, and all major credit cards.